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A self-taught Vancouver artist, I am inspired to bring new life to discarded materials through art, repurposing them with sculpting compounds and resin to bring a 3 dimensional aspect to my paintings.  As a mixed media artist, my experiments with substrates inform the artworks that arise from them. A contractor by day, I reclaim a variety of materials, including raw wood, tempered and broken glass, and discarded building supplies. I also use organic matter such as crushed egg shells and dried orange peels to create subtle textures in my work.


I’m constantly changing, experimenting and pushing to make art outside the traditional box. It's exciting to create and build the substrates I use from repurposed media. Each one is unique and informs the artwork that will arise from it. The texture of rough, reclaimed wood adds a layer of dimension that inspires me to push beyond what I would create on a canvas.

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